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Pál Nagy 12 June and 18 July 2019

Pál Nagy 12 June and 18 July 2019

NAGY Pál painter, graphic artist, art writer
Born in Szatmárnémeti, on January 12, 1929- died in Erdőszentgyörgy, june 18, 1979.

1935 – 1947: Reformed Collegium, Marosvásárhely. He is discovered by his arts teacher, the painter Piskolti Gábor .
1940 – 1948: Painting School of Marosvásárhely. Teachers: Aurel Ciupe, Bordy András. In 1948 he creates (with his friend Balázs Imre) the posters for the Székely Theatre. 1949 – 1952: Ion Andreescu Art Institute from Kolozsvár, painting department. Masters: Kovács Zoltán and Miklóssy Gábor. Between 1952 and 1976 he teaches at the Middle School of Arts in Marosvásárhely. He is elected to be a member of the Scientific Committee of the Arts Museum from Marosvásárhely in 1960 and in the same year paints the fresco “Popular Culture” on the wall of the Cultural House from Kovászna. From 1963 he is a regular member of the Artists Union. He retires in 1976. He is a participant of the art symposia from Árkos, Hajdúbüszörmény and Szárhegy. Many art related essays and newspaper articles wear his signature and he also has a significant body of work of applied graphic art as well.
On june 18, 1979 he dies in a car crash together with his wife Kemény Zsuzsanna (and their friend, decorative artist D. Varga Katalin).
1979: His book „Roaming the World of Fine Arts”/Barangolás a képzőművészetben is published posthumously. (Kriterion Publishing House, Bucharest)

Prizes: 1969, 1972: Káplár Miklós – prize, The Art Colony of Hajdúböszörmény (HU).

Solo Shows: 1957: Fine Arts Museum, Marosvásárhely [with Bencédi Sándorral]; 1964: At Gyergyószentmiklós [with Balázs Imrével]; 1965: in Csíkszereda, Székelyudvarhely, Székelykeresztúr, Erdőszentgyörgy [with Balázs Imrével]; 1969: The Lobby of the „Stúdió” Theatre, Marosvásárhely; 1975: “Új Élet” Gallery, Marosvásárhely; 1977: Marosvásárhely; 1978: “Korunk” Gallery, Kolozsvár; 1979: “Vatra” Gallery, Marosvásárhely.

Memorial exhibitions: 1980: Culture Palace, Marosvásárhely; 1981: Art Gallery of the County Museum of Kovászna Sepsiszentgyörgy; 1981: Cultural House, Székelyudvarhely, Gyergyószentmiklós; 1984: “Új Élet” Gallery, Marosvásárhely; 1985: “Korunk” Gallery, Kolozsvár; 1986: The Camp of Szárhegy; 1990: „Kós Károly” Fine Art Guild, Budapest; 1994: „Vármegye” Gallery, Budapest; 1998: “Czóbel” Gallery, Hatvan (HU); 1999: “Újpest” Gallery, Budapest; “Duna” Gallery, Budapest; 2003: Culture Palace, Marosvásárhely; 2004: Pinacoteque of Székelyudvarhely; 2013: Pál Gallery and Auction House (PAG), Csíkszereda; Maros County Museum, Marosvásárhely; 2016: Kemény Castle, Marosvécs.

Works in public collections: Maros County Museum, Marosvásárhely; Beszterce-Naszód County Museum, Beszterce; Romanian National Art Museum, Bucharest; Galați Fine Arts Museum, Museum of Hajdúság, Hajdúböszörmény (HU); Petőfi Literature Museum, Budapest; Szekler National Museum, Sepsiszentgyörgy; Kovács Gábor Art Foundation, Budapest; Transilvanian Art Centre Collection and Sapientia Collection, Sepsiszentgyörgy.

Bibliography (selection): Székely János: „Reality-reverence” Notes about the painting of Nagy Pál, Utunk, Kolozsvár, may 15, 1958; „Young fine artist about themselves”, Igaz Szó, Marosvásárhely; november 1964; Banner Zoltán: „A timely conversation with Nagy Pál”, Utunk, Kolozsvár, september 1, 1967; Nagy Pál: „Self portrait”, Előre, june 8, 1969; Balázs Imre: „Letter on the occasion of your exhibition”, about Nagy Pál’s paintings, Új Élet, Marosvásárhely, 1969/23; 1979: Székely János: Happy man, In: The sense of the myth is out. Kriterion Publishing House, Bucharest, 1985; Gazda József: „I believe in work” A Hét, Bucharest, january 11, 1980; Borghida István: „The path search is over”, Művészet, 1981/11; Szücs György: „Portait sketch with rime”, Vármegye Gallery, Budapest 1994; Feledy Balázs: „Impressions – about Nagy Pál, the painter, the writer”, In: „In a separate world and in a separate time” Budapest, 2001; Bob József: „To the self portaits of Nagy Pál”, PAG Gallery catalogue, 2013.
Ujvárossy László: „Let’s find the good, and not throw it out together with the bad” Várad, Nagyvárad, december 19, 2013
Footage and film: Romanian Television, hungarian language programme: Nagy Pál documentary, interview by: Csáky Zoltán, camera-man: Xántusz Gábor, february 14, 1977.